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How Much Will a Skylight Installation Cost in Central Florida?

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There is little comparison between walking into a home with minimal natural light, and one full of the warming rays of sunshine. The bright open feel of extra windows is a welcoming addition to the comfort a home can provide. Not only do skylights offer inner comfort, but there are additional benefits as well. 

To start, what would a skylight cost in the Central Florida area? The average cost of a skylight is $1,750, however, it can range from $1,000 to $2500. It all depends on a variety of factors including the type of skylight, installation process, and other factors. It is best to reach out to McHale Roofing for a free estimate for your particular home and needs. 

Let’s explore some of the amazing benefits of skylights in a home. 

Natural Light

Superior Skylight Installation Central Florida

As mentioned above, the beauty and comfort that comes from natural sunlight just can’t be matched with any lightbulb. Adding skylights can brighten up any room or space and provide up to 30% more natural light than standard windows can. 

Health Benefits 

Surprisingly, there are amazing health benefits that can come from having skylights in your home. 

  • Decreased eye strain
  • Less stress 
  • Fewer headaches
  • Reduction in Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression
  • Improved sleep cycles


When the temperature in a home accelerates, opening a skylight to eliminate the heat can be quite helpful in keeping the home cooler. 

Secondly, many chose to install skylights in the kitchen area to assist with releasing cooking smells. Sometimes that cheese just melts right off the pizza when cooking, and soon the kitchen is filled with smoke and burnt smells. The skylights can help clean the air by releasing the smell out of the ceiling. 

Several homes also offer skylight ventilation options in the bathroom to help with excess moisture and heat from the shower. This can help keep any mold or mildew at bay. 


Homeowners desire a particular level of privacy in a home. Skylights can offer light to enter the home without opening the blinds and giving the nosy neighbors something to do. 

Home Value

Skylight on a slate roof, Central Florida

Skylights offer an additional bonus to one who desires to sell their home. The above-mentioned benefits all filter down to an increase in asking price which helps the seller and brings benefits to the buyer

Energy Savings

The increase in natural light means a decrease in using lamps and room lighting. That will assist with the monthly energy bill! Additionally, by letting go of the excess heat in the summer, the homeowner will have to run the air conditioner less often. That filters down to savings as well. 

Are you looking for a way to enhance the comfort and beauty of your home in Central Florida?  From venting to fixed, custom skylights are the perfect solution to add natural light to your home while maintaining security and privacy.  It’s time for you to implement energy-efficient lighting solutions to illuminate your home’s interior.

Contact McHale Roofing in Central Florida for assistance with your new skylight! With our skillful expertise, you’ll never need to worry about leaks, insects, or other dangers creeping through your skylights.  We provide our customers with a perfect installation every time to give you reliable, natural lighting solutions you can count on.  

We look forward to working with you and finding the right skylight for your needs

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